The Joy of Healing

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I recently did a healing session with one of my clients who I didn’t realize was still struggling with issues surrounding abortion. What is ironic is that she didn’t realize it either.

She was part of a group workshop, which focused on healing past relationships and learning to love again. We talked about forgiveness as a method of releasing the past so that we could embrace our present. Many times we are bringing past hurt into our current relationships, so we don’t allow ourselves to participate fully in our current partnership. ALL relationships are for growth and healing. After all, we are desperately trying to establish and reconnect to God through our connection to others. And once we make the connection, we begin fighting it, because we don’t find it satisfying. Our “ego” is still reminding us that this is not it. It tells us, “ you really aren’t worthy of love, “ so we find all the reasons that this one is wrong.

A Course in Miracles states that there are no special relationships. What it boils down to is we really do love each other equally, yet we continue to deny this truth, which is the essence of who we are. The commandments break it down by saying. “love thy neighbor as thyself.” This means that when we are operating in Divine Truth, we are incapable of loving our children anymore than we love our neighbor’s children, or our parents any more than our neighbors. Or even our husbands anymore than our boss! However our “egos” insist upon telling us that some relationships are “special,” and it is right to love them more. And we have all collectively agreed that this is normal. This agreement is referred to as “race consciousness.”

Anyway, as part of our healing we did a meditation which allowed us to experience who or what we needed to heal or forgive. And apparently this meditation opened some old pains with this beautiful young woman, who thought she was over the emotional trauma of having an abortion. She found herself crying uncontrollably for a full day after the meditation, and emailed me with the heartbreaking news. I told her to be extremely gentle with herself during this time. Tears are healing, and her body needed to release and heal from emotions she had suppressed.

Two days later, we met again as scheduled, and I performed distant Reiki healing with her. I told her to allow the tears to flow, and to allow her emotions to come, as they desired. I shared with her that she was not to judge them, or dismiss them. Just let them be. Reiki is a beautiful healing energy, referred to as Universal Life Force Energy, and it knows just what to do, and where to go. This beautiful energy was able to transmit over time and space, from once coast to another.

Two days later, I received a call from my client and she said the healing was FABULOUS! She was totally excited because it was the first time in several years that she was able to have sex pain free!!!! Previously her doctors had conducted several tests, and could not find a cause for this pain. Now she was delighted to report that she was able to experience several positions and have full body orgasms!

Forgiveness is LOVE. And Love is experiencing the joy of NOW without the trauma of past hurt, including shame, regret and guilt. I am grateful to be a catalyst to help individuals heal and forgive. I am also thankful for the beautiful healing energy of Reiki that aids in the completion of the healing.

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