Living on Purpose

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Have you ever worked on a task, got lost in it, and felt really happy and comfortable with what you were doing? Even some of the most challenging projects? Have you ever been amazed at the magnificence of what you accomplished and thought to yourself, “Wow, did I do that?”

These were times when you were living your life on purpose. These moments are often referred to as “Zen moments.” You automatically get into a zone and feel so on purpose! Well guess what, its because you ARE on purpose. These are the times in your life when you were doing exactly what you were called to do, and you were contributing to the well being of the world at the same time! Sounds strange, doesn’t it, that something as simple as being lost in the creation of kitchen curtains could be living your life on purpose.

Living your life on purpose means doing those things that make your heart sing!

And it is in those moments that you are in the NOW. Your mind is not caught up in yesterday, or tomorrow. You are focused on creating a now moment, and living your life purposefully. It is at these moments where you are really practicing forgiveness. Remember we are defining forgiveness to mean, releasing the past, living in the “Holy Instant,” and viewing the world with a new perception! When you have your Zen moments, you are doing all of the above.

Now reverse that, and think of those moments when you were frustrated and angry and attempting to do something. It’s at those moments that a task as simple as boiling an egg may seem exhausting, and you are unable to get it right. Those are moments when you are out of purpose, and you are filled with an unforgiving mind. An unforgiving mind is caught up in yesterday and is anxious about tomorrow. An unforgiving mind is full of regret. And it is this unforgiving mind that causes havoc in our life, and somehow forces us to “miscreate.”

We all are creators.

Created in the image of all that is Divine and Good. And when we are on purpose, living joyously and forgiving, then our creations are to our liking. They are excellent and good. This is an indication of what is referred to as a high vibration. The better we feel, the more likely we are to create what we truly desire, rather than end up with mishaps and something we don’t want in our lives.

So once we have learned to forgive our past, and release ourselves from anxieties about what will be, we are better able to identify what our purpose is and to live our lives more purposefully. You see we aren’t hindered by a “monkey on our backs.”

The higher our vibration, that is, the better we feel, the more in tune we are to what we are creating. This means that our ability to create the things our heart desires is increased. Since forgiveness leads to better feelings, this means we are able to create more of what we truly desire and live a more blissful life.

So let us learn to forgive.

And remember a forgiving mind is grateful. Gratitude is the best way to quiet the unforgiving mind. You just lost your job. Well golly you are healthy. As you focus on your health, you feel better, and your spirit rises. Now because you are feeling better, doors begin opening for you. People are drawn to you, and before you know it, you have a better job than before.

Yes, it’s like that. It’s magical, miraculous! If you stay depressed, surely you may find another job. However it more than likely will not be the job of your dreams, and you will not attract what you could have attracted if you were feeling better.

And through the joyful power of forgiveness and gratitude, your language changes. From “I’m middling, to I’m feeling great.” Since your words evoke feeling and its your feeling that creates, now suddenly you are creating a healthier, happier YOU.

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