I Always Get the Desires of my Heart

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Sometimes, it’s a note or a message from a friend that allows you to realize just how blessed you are. I recently received two messages that helped me to do just that!

The first note was from a friend who said when she was asked if she” knew someone who was happy all of the time”, she immediately thought of me. Wow, if she only knew me before I practiced and embraced forgiveness. There was a point in my life when I thought that a scowl was more flattering than a smile. I also allowed envy and judgment, and what can only be described as a “chip on my shoulder” to cloud my view of the world. I suffered from what I would call the “they” syndrome, or what many call “haters.” “They”” don’t like me because I’m black, because I’m not in the click, because I’m not from here, or “they” are jealous of me. The proverbial “they” were making my life miserable However, when I began practicing forgiveness, I found myself allowing others to be who they are. This allowed me to free myself from judgment and open my eyes to all the beautiful people and situations that are in my life.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize that how we see the world, is a mirror of how we see ourselves. When I felt that others were doing something to me, it was because I was doing something to others! I was holding them hostage for not being as I wanted them to be! However, the more I allowed others to be who they are, the bigger my smile became, and the more I began to experience an increase in JOY! And what is so magical about this, is I began to more quickly manifest my hearts desires! This is where the second message comes in.

The second message was from someone who stated they never hear me complain about “I need this to happen in my life,” or “This is not going right for me!” I can honestly proclaim my bottom line mantra is real. “I always, always, always get the desires of my heart, and the desires of my heart are always for my Highest Good.” I’m financially secure. I have a man in my life who truly loves me. I have an amazing boss, and a job that I was able to manifest with a great salary, because of a simple desire statement. I have loving diverse friends who help feed all aspects of my life, from partying hardy, to intellectual and spiritual discussions. I have four marvelous children and five beautiful grandkids! And I’m extremely blessed to have one of them living with me now; so my partner and I are able to experience parenthood all over again. We are both convinced that this will help our spirits remain young!

How can it get any better than this? I know it does, and I love standing on tiptoe anticipation for the abundance that continues to overflow in my life. Yes, I do have temporary moments of insanity. But all it takes is a quick shift in perception and a dose of gratitude, and I begin to see clearly. I have it ALL. And for this I am very grateful.

This amazing shift is not a special gift for a select few. I’m not “lucky,” or “highly favored!” It’s the simple practice of FORGIVING! I have seen lives transformed by practicing what I call the “sacred art of forgiveness.” Its not our usual, “I forgive you” type of forgiveness. But the forgiveness that says, “the past is behind us, and today I look at you in a new light!” This means that daily, I get to be “born again,” because I can also look at myself in a new light! That is totally freeing!

If you are at all interested in seeing how BLISSFUL forgiveness is, then consider purchasing my book, Forgiveness is Bliss, which is based on personal experience as well as clients I have coached. I uncovered the power of forgiveness from studying A Course in Miracles and doing the daily workbook lessons. The Course tells us that “forgiveness is the key to happiness here!” Try it, and see if it will do the same for you!

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