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Seven powerful laws to create your hearts desires!


Have you ever wondered
why some people seem to live MAGICAL Lives,
while others seem to run into one round of bad luck, after bad luck?

Perhaps you have heard of the Law of Attraction or the very popular movie The Secret and you have tried to make it work for you, but it just doesn’t seem to click. You may even have a great prayer life, and yet it seems that YOUR prayers aren’t answered while others who don’t even pray seem to have good fortune land in their lap?


No worries, there’s an easy way to shift and to create the LIFE you DESIRE My new eBook, UNIVERSAL LAWS 101: Seven powerful laws to create your hearts desires, will help you understand HOW to make the shift in your life, AND help you to see WHAT makes others appear to be “lucky,” while others appear to have misfortune.


Create the life you desire

This simple introduction to SEVEN POWERFUL Universal LAWS, including the Law of Attraction, will help you begin the mindset techniques to creating the life you desire. You are given some specific ways to help you consciously apply the laws so that you achieve your Hearts Desires! Your prayer life will take on a whole new meaning. And even if you don’t formally “pray,” you will begin to realize how your every thought is a prayer, and how to shift your thoughts to live a more Joy Filled, Bliss-Filled Life in your relationships, finance, health and spiritual life. These laws are bound to help you feel better overall!

Live a more Joy Filled, Bliss-Filled Life!


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