Forgiveness Is Bliss (book)

In Forgivness is Bliss, a real life approach to sustained happiness, PJ Cannon chronicles her challenging yet exciting journey which included personal traumas such as abusive marriages and sexual abuse to ultimately uncovering forgiveness as the secret to a happier life with amazing benefits. She gives compelling reasons on how consistently practicing forgiveness, even in every day occurrences, can enhance your life and allow you to live in the present. You will uncover how important it is to release judgment of yourself as well as others, because we are all connected. As you learn to forgive and accept others for where they are, you become genuinely gentle and accepting of yourself. This self acceptance allows you to become accountable for your life, by recognizing that there is nothing you can do about the past, however you can now identify those thoughts which are creating your life. The mindset helps you to think more positively, and therefor create better life experiences, a more “bliss filled life.” The book is chock full of exercises to help you release the past and forgive situations that you previously thought were impossible to forgive.

After applying the Forgiveness Principle in her life, PJ shares that she began to look younger, feel better, release unwanted pounds and even attract her ideal mate.