Bliss Life Coaching with Spiritual Applications

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This guided one-on-one coaching process provides you the process, tools and techniques to create a purposeful life. You develop the skills and the habits to live your life on purpose, and elevate your Bliss Level. Because it is personalized, the content is fashioned by you and developed so that you are living your life on purpose.


The program explores these questions for ten meetings (two hours each) spread over 6-months. Options for meetings are in-person, telephone and /or VideoSkype.


I am also able to help you release the past through Forgiveness, so that you may live today more fully.



Together we go through a process that helps you determine your specific Life Purpose. With your life purpose clearly defined, you now have the blueprint to assess and determine which choices will allow you to fully live your life on purpose!


We utilize a specific branded approach known as the Results Game© which helps you develop habits to achieve results in your doing as well as being! It is much more than a to-do list because it also represents the being, or experience you want to achieve. The Results Game© is played for a 2 to 3 week time period and we assess and evaluate this game at each of our meetings.


You develop your personalized Guidelines for Living© which are operating principles. You develop these principles based on what worked or didn’t work for you in achieving your result. These guidelines help propel you and develop lifelong habits. You are now more clearly aware of what you could have done to achieve results, and what you may need to avoid which hinders you attaining your desired results.


You develop an attitude of gratitude by daily logging what you are grateful for. This helps to increase your ability to manifest, and also improves your overall well-being.



You learn how to use The Power of Your Word to hasten the manifestation process and improve your overall well-being. You utilize affirmations, which are personal, powerful and in the present, about positive quality about yourself and your life, despite outward appearances. Affirmations have the ability to bring about powerful changes in your life..


You develop a vision board or notebook with visions and words to clearly define what your heart desires and truly wants to achieve. It appeals directly to the part of your brain that responds to feelings and images. This is the part of your brain that is unable to distinguish between a real or an imagined experience. With the visioning process your brain makes it so, so your subconscious mind sends out the directions to make it happen.


Daily journaling enables you to begin each day with clarity and a sense of purpose. As you journal, you will also begin to acknowledge yourself for successes, and experience feelings of achievement. Your intuition will greatly improve as you journal your challenges, and reflect on what you may have done to overcome these challenges and life lessons. The journal provides you with you may have done to overcome these challenges and life lessons. The journal provides you with tools for transformation and self-discovery.

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