Bliss Love – Bliss Fulfilled

Manifest Your Ideal Mate – Bring More Bliss Into Your Life

Bliss Fulfilled is a group or individual coaching program that includes all of the benefits of Bliss Aware, helping you identify your true hearts desire in a relationship. Participants will also receive one individual coaching session per month with PJ Cannon, Spiritual Guidance Coach and Bliss Catalyst. In these sessions PJ will design specific programs and exercises for each individual.

Classes are more intense and participants will feel a stronger connection to God and enhance relationships. In addition to creating a Bliss Body,t his program will also include how to attract your Ideal Mate. For those who are already in relationships, this class will help increase your Bliss Level and awaken your youthful vigor and vitality. You will begin to experience more cause for celebration.

    Expected Outcomes:

  • All the outcomes from Bliss Aware
  • Identify qualities you expect of your Ideal Mate
  • Understand how your dominant thoughts create
  • Understand your unique feminine mystique to attracting your ideal mate
  • Release old baggage from previous relationships including old stories
  • Experience more Joy in all of your relationships
  • Enhanced physical and sexual appeal and appreciation
  • Principles and tools to apply to all areas of your life
  • Monthly Individual Coaching Session with Spiritual Guidance Coach PJ Cannon