Bliss Awakened – Mind Training to Loose Weight

Bliss Awakened, is an 8 week coaching program that will allow you to examine unhealthy patterns of behavior, specifically surrounding eating and lack of exercise. This course will give you the tools and principles to begin embracing immediate change and you will begin to eat healthier and exercise regularly, releasing undesired, behaviors and beliefs which have caused the undesired result.

Some of the many outcomes of this course are:

  • Clear recognition of mental causes behind poor eating and yo-yo dieting
  • A increased desire for physical movement and exercises
  • A clear understanding of how to tap into your Divine Power to determine what eating regiment is best for you
  • Lifetime tools to use in all areas of your life
  • Renewed love and interest in life
  • Enhanced enjoyment of eating foods which are good for you


Eight Week Bliss Aware Formula

For Healthy Living & Releasing Unwanted Pounds

This is an 8 week step-by-step formula that offers you an alternative to dieting by providing practical tools and applications to help you tap into your Divine Inner Power and retrain your mind to eliminate over-eating, junk food eating and obsession with food.

You will discover Powerful Mindset Techniques to help you develop healthy life time habits that may be applied to all areas of your life and allow you to lead a happier, healthier life. At the end of the 8 week you may continue with one-on-one coaching or graduate to Bliss Mastered.

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Listen to the recording from a call introducing you to Bliss Body Workshop:
Six Mindset Techniques Intro to Loosing Weight


This program is for you if any of the following apply:

  • Do you crave foods that you know aren’t good for you, even when you tell yourself you won’t eat them you do?
  •  Do you eat emotionally? When you’re sad, you eat. When you’re frustrated, you eat. When you’re lonely, you eat. When you’re bored, you eat. When you’re afraid, you eat.
  •  Do you have unwanted pounds you’d like to shed?
  •  Have you tried diet after diet and none of them have worked?
  •  Are you sick and tired of your cravings winning?
  •  Do you tell yourself you’re going to exercise, but don’t?
  •  Do you really want to exercise regularly but just don’t feel motivated most of the time


New Possibilities become your New Reality!

  •  Imagine waking up one morning and all your cravings for unhealthy foods were gone?
  • Poof! Just like that, you no longer want to eat foods that hurt your body, foods that make you fat, foods that ruin your health.
  • What if you suddenly felt like exercising?
  • What if exercising was as natural to you as breathing?
  • What if you were able to go into your favorite clothing store and all the clothes you tried on were in your dream size, and fit perfectly?
  • And what if your new attitude towards exercising and food could last for the rest of your life? You had no more cravings for junk food, all your cravings were for foods that nourish and strengthen your body?


Join Bliss Awakened Class Forming Now, Begin Date October 12, 2015

Week 1:   Getting Started: Peeling Back the Layers

Week 2: The Power of Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Week 3: Exploring Healthy Options

Self-Exploration with Recommendations

Week 4: Begin a Love Affair with Food

Week 5:   Forgiveness is the key to my happiness

Week 5: Spiritual Healing – Vision Boards & Beyond

Week 6: One-on-one Coaching Scheduled

Week 7: Unconditional Self Love – Body Consecration

Week 8: New Birth!


Program Includes:

This is a virtual class, which will be recorded and made available to all students. Classes include  workbook, and hard copy of book, Forgiveness is Bliss, by PJ Cannon

One payment $497 paid in full 

Payment Plan: Three payments of $177 each.

Payments due October 12, October 26 and November 9

Full Payment

Payment Plan


Testimonials from previous Workshops

“Patsy is both a great teacher and a great role model. I was challenged in many ways but it was always done in love.” ~ Lisa

“I get so many compliments about my weight release. Eating is healthy and the inches/pounds are falling off. YOU ROCK!” ~ Cynthia

“As a result of the class, I’m working not only on body or weight, but a whole life transformation.” ~ Grace

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked the idea of having activities to do outside of class.” ~ L. Richards