I Always Get the Desires of my Heart

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Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize that how we see the world, is a mirror of how we see ourselves. When I felt that others were doing something to me, it was because I was doing something to others! I was holding them hostage for not being as I wanted them to be! However, the more I allowed others to be who they are, the bigger my smile became, and the more I began to experience an increase in JOY! And what is so magical about this, is I began to more quickly manifest my hearts desires! This is where the second message comes in.

The Joy of Healing

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I recently did a healing session with one of my clients who I didn’t realize was still struggling with issues surrounding abortion. What is ironic is that she didn’t realize it either. She was part of a group workshop, which focused on healing past relationships and learning to love again. We talked about forgiveness as […]