Your Ancestors Are Talking. Be Attentive! Listen!

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My mother who has been deceased since 2000, has a habit of showing up and making her presence known. She is not the only deceased ancestor who visits me. Often she will come by to give me messages, help with a healing, provide guidance or simply to comfort me. She and my father often travel together; however she doesn’t ever seem to come alone, although I’m not always sure who the others are.

On Friday, my honey and I went to the movies. When we came home, we were in the kitchen together. I was on FB, and I was making the following post, which may have some significance regarding this recent visit.

“Jesus said we could do greater things than he did. Who’s teaching us how to walk on water, change water to wine and raise the dead?

I’m ready.”

As I had just finished typing this, my honey asked “who’s in here?” My grandson’s booster chair seat was on the floor, and it began vibrating – like a quarter which has been dropped.  T began walking towards the chair.  We both were less than 5 feet way from the booster seat.

He remarked, “Did you see it vibrate? Did you hear that?”

I said, “Let me sit down and see who is in here.” I sat at the kitchen table, and closed my eyes to begin meditating.  I am claircognizant.  I don’t hear; I feel, and the messages that come to me, come as a sense of awareness, or “knowingness.”  I just KNOW.  It’s like knowing the sky is blue.  Often, when I get a sensation like this, it’s usually my mother and she identifies herself to me.

So as I sat quietly for about a minute, I wasn’t feeling any type of awareness or response at all. I stood up and told T that I was going to go into my meditation room, because I wasn’t getting anything.

When I stood up, I felt a tremendous force pushing me. It felt like a really strong wind, pushing me backwards!  As I was being pushed around our kitchen island.  I called out to T, “I’m being pushed! Do you see this?”  And he said “Should I catch you?”   He guided me as I gently laid to the floor.

I said the same prayer I always say whenever I feel the presence of Spirit.

“If you are from pure light and are for our Highest Good, you are welcome here. If you are not for our Highest Good, and you are not from Love, then go back NOW!!!  You are not welcome!”

Suddenly I began “speaking in tongues.” It was the same type of tongues that you hear in a Pentecostal church.  I was speaking, but it wasn’t coming from me.  I said, “We don’t understand what you are saying.  We can’t understand you.”  This went back and forth for a while.  I said, “Please speak to us clearly, we don’t understand this.”  And I would continue to “speak in tongues.”  And I would again insist, “Please speak to us clearly.  We have no idea what you are saying.”

Then words began flowing from my mouth. T was standing over me as I began saying, “We are here to help you.  Your desires are heard.  We are here. You are to be gentle, kind and loving to each other.  It is important that you are attentive.  Pay attention and listen.  You two are to work together.  Your being together is no accident.  It is by design.  Be attentive.  Listen.  Be kind, be gentle.  There is so much we want to do through each of you.  We really need you to be attentive.  Listen.”

I continued to talk, and this was the crux of the message. The biggest take away is that we are to be attentive and work together. T also received personal information.  Some of it I remember, but it was clearly messages to him on how we can work together.  I clearly understood that I am to be attentive, and I am to listen.

Since receiving this message, I have questioned if I should share it. There is a part of me that wants to shout it from the rooftop.  And there is a part of me, that questions if I am doing it because of my ego; and then trepidation comes up because I know what much of the likely response from others will be negative.

However, I am feeling led to share, because I know that many of our dearly departed are eager to help. It’s unfortunate we don’t call on them to help us.  And it’s also unfortunate that when we call on the Holy Spirit to help us, we often don’t sit to listen to the response.  This is what paying attention and listening is all about.

Be attentive! Listen!

I have so many other instances of being visited by my mother, which I know I should share. I also know my mother doesn’t come alone.  She has a host of spiritual beings with her.  My daddy and my dear friend have made themselves known to me on more than one occasion.

The first time my mother came to me, I could literally see her. The next day I went to Bible study and shared it with the group.  I remember telling them, “I don’t care if you believe me or not, I know what happened.  I also know in the past, when I heard someone say they received a visit from a deceased loved one, and I personally thought, ‘Yea, whatever!  I’m sure it was your imagination.”  I explained to the minister who was leading the bible study that I was clear that was my mother who visited with me.

She asked me if I had been going through something. And I told her yes, my divorce.  She then told me to turn to Hebrews 12:1.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”

When she said this, more women in the group opened up about how they too have been visited by deceased relatives.

I wish we would share this information more readily. It saddens me that so many see it as spooky, and worse yet, demonic.  I’m grateful that the minister recognized the reality of what I experienced, and I’m even more grateful for my full resolve and eagerness to share.  I know that as I share, I am giving someone else an opportunity to realize that our loved ones have not departed from us.  They are still very much around, and they are a demonstration that life is ETERNAL.

My plan is to write out the most significant experiences I have had, it’s time for me to let others hear my testimony so it may benefit them. I’m also clear that the reason T and I get these messages together, is so that we can stand witness for each other, as well as be a demonstration to how a partnership can work when they receive guidance from our ancestors.

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