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To Miraculously Achieve Joy as We Ride on the Wings of Source


PJ sitting 2Blissful Living is dedicated to spreading the beautiful glow of Love! We believe the way to do that, is to begin with self. YOUR JOY is the most important element in the WORLD. When YOU are joyful, you are spreading light. We believe the best way to achieve JOY is to live in the present. And the best way to live in the present is to release the past. AND the best way to release the past is through FORGIVENESS.

PJ Cannon is a Speaker, Bliss Catalyst and Spiritual Guidance Coach. Her Blissful Living Formula includes Bliss Life Coaching, Forgiveness Coaching, Spiritual Mind Treatments, Reiki Attunements and Reiki Sessions as well as Group Workshops, to aid in your healing and to help you with practical applications to create the life you desire. She is a board certified and licensed Religious Science Practitioner (RScP), with Centers for Spiritual Living which has over 400 centers nationwide and is in over 40 countries, teaching the Science of Mind philosophy.

If there is any amount of unforgiveness, either for a person, place, thing, history, or situation, then you open yourself to illness, and decrease your optimum JOY LEVEL. Forgiveness Coaching allows you to master the ability to live in the present, and live a BLISSFUL LIFE!!

Bliss Life Coaching allows you to master the tools to manifest your hearts desires. You learn to use Universal Laws, along with Spiritual applications to make your dreams a reality, to raise your Bliss Level. It really becomes a magical journey!

You get to see the magic in this statement:

“YOUR Happiness is YOUR greatest GIFT to OTHERS!!”

Blissfully yours,

Patsy “PJ” Cannon
For More Information, Please contact us at 410.409.7497