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PJ Cannon shared a very powerful presentation in helping us understand that our joy is in our very own control, and depends on our ability and willingness to release the past. Her message is transforming and inspiring, and leaves the audience with practical applications on how to live a more joyous life.

Carolyn White-Washington, Executive Director Sisters4Sisters Carolyn White-Washington, Executive Director Sisters4Sisters

Patsy Cannon is a JOYFUL writer. She masterfully weaves the “promise of better” into the “process AND practice” of forgiveness. Her transparency coupled with real tools to manifest bliss is transformative. EXCELLENT work!

Elder Vikki Johnson, AME Church Elder Vikki Johnson, AME Church

This book is a must read! Everyone has someone to forgive and Pasty gives you the tools to do so. Even if you do not think you are ready some of the tools in this book allow you to release and be free. It will be one of my favorites and I will always use the tools in this book. I will recommend this book to anyone. It changed my life.

Kenyatta Ausset Kenyatta Ausset

I recently had a consultation and meditation done with the author. She is amazing and has her own unique style of taking me into trance via telephone. I have had a lot of built up anger and resentment regarding my relationship with my father and how I learned about him growing up….I have chosen to release or work on releasing because my happiness and future joy mean too much to me. Patsy Cannon has reminded me about the ability and beauty of choice when struggling to forgive others and ourselves…. I would recommend this book to everyone because we all have struggled with forgiveness in one way or another in our lives.

Che Charise Che Charise

The author takes the selfish approach to forgiveness. A different approach and it’s REAL. Usually when people talk about forgiveness or turning the other cheek, I see through their BS, and they don’t practice it in real life. PJ Cannon takes the approach that it is for happiness and bliss.

Priestess Esi Priestess Esi

I could not get into “A Course in Miracles” but this book is a very easy read. Thank you for being so candid in the life experiences that you shared. Thanks for writing this book.

Esther Scott Esther Scott

I love the sense of humor and inclusion of A Course in Miracles quotes. I like that it is simple, down to earth and easy to understand. It makes me realize I need to focus more on the positive side oflife!

Sara Harrison Sara Harrison

I was reminded that forgiveness is not for the other person its for you, and also that forgiveness is the key to true happiness…I was able to let go of stuff I didn’t realize I was holding onto. A great inspirational read.

Kim Parker Kim Parker

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